Hervey Bay, Maryborough and Fraser Coast's convenient recycling service

To make recycling even easier for you, Reuse and Recycle provide dedicated staff to assist you with dropping off recyclable goods at any of the regions waste facilities. Our staff are o hand to provide you with information about how to best recycle items ensuring all of your recyclable and resalable goods are put to better use with new owners, or collected for further processing into valuable precious commodities. As we become more aware of the finite resources of our planet it is becoming vital that we all work together to preserve what we can for future generations.



Residential and Commercial Hard Waste

Unfortunately, we are no longer able to offer a collection service for household items . Commercial businesses and educational departments are welcome to call us to discuss donating unwanted or secondhand goods like office furnishings, industrial goods, outdated computers and electronic equipment.

  • A collection fee may be required for pick up service.


We operate an accredited refrigerant reclaiming service in partnership with the Fraser Coast regional council at all of their waste sites and transfer stations. We work to reclaim harmful Ozone depleting gases from end-of-life fridges, freezers and air conditioners before being stripped down for further recycling. We’re proud to utilise a finely-tuned soft metal and e-waste processing system that extracts precious metals and elements from products and creates a commodity value for these goods.

Residential & Commercial

For un-wanted commercial equipment, please contact our office to discuss how we can assist with cleaning up and freeing space in your business! Don’t keep moving that stuff around, Send it to us, get back that space !


Our objective is to recover goods that are able to be reused or repurposed either as whole items or as scrap metals. This endeavour creates an income stream allowing us to provide employment to individuals in the region and offer financial support for local community groups. Through our recycling network, we’re also able to divert huge amounts of material from the costly process of burial in landfills back into recycling and being reused in the region.



Phone : 07 4194 2277

Email : [email protected]

Opening hours

Office Hours
 Monday – Friday: 8AM – 4PM

Maryborough Recycling Market – Saltwater creek road and Ariadne St, Maryborough
Wednesday, Friday & Sunday: 8AM – 4PM.
Hervey Bay Recycling Market – Chapel Road and Aarlborg road Nth Nikenbah
Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday:8:AM-4:PM